About Solar People

Solar People Incorporated is the brainchild of Kyle Kasawski – a subject matter expert and leader in the evolving energy industry. Solar People is based in Sherwood Park and serves municipalities, businesses, and organizations across Alberta. If you have buildings, land, energy demand or all of these things, Solar People can help you discover and develop your possibilities and opportunities. Solar People will help you manage your energy – both the energy you can generate and the energy you use.

Kyle Kasawski:
“A while back, a friend asked me why people choose solar power and energy efficiency for their homes and buildings.

It’s a great question. Adoption of solar power is growing every year. It is now the lowest cost energy technology on the planet. And it looks beautiful too. Before I answered them, I thought about my customers. Choosing solar and using energy wisely is meaningful to them. They are not necessarily technology or energy experts but they do understand that their actions and their choices matter; to them, their family, their organizations, and their community.

I answered: people choose solar power and energy efficiency because they are Solar People.”

Join us. Be Solar People