The Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program has Launched.


The rebate program from Energy Efficiency Alberta is available to households, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to encourage them to become Solar People. Join us. We would love to build you a beautiful solar power system that helps you add power back to the grid.

The incentive levels are generous and reduce the upfront costs of solar power.

The Residential Rebate pays the owner of a solar power system 30% of the eligible costs including design, permitting, components and installation —everything that Solar People provides. For instance, if your solar power system cost $15,000, Energy Efficiency Alberta will send you a rebate cheque for $5,000. The maximum rebate per system is $10,000 and you can buy a lot of solar power for a house for $30,000.

The Commercial/Not-for-Profit Sector Rebate will be an incentive rate of 25% of the eligible cost of a solar power system. For commercial and non-profit customers, the maximum rebate per system is $500,000 so fill up the roof or the field, as the case may be.  This incentive program is well designed to encourage Albertans to choose solar and lower costs.

If you own a property that is connected to the grid and want to learn if solar power is right for you, contact us and become Solar People.