Is the TESLA roof going to be just a luxury product or eventually a mainstream energy solution?

There are potential solar home owners who would choose something more integrated into their roof instead of solar panels which I think are beautiful, especially the way Solar People install them.

There are a lot of smart manufacturers in the world that are working on building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) they have been for years and there are some very good products that have made it to the market. Fours years back DOW Chemicals launched its solar shingles that integrate with asphalt shingle roofs. Ten years ago I installed GE solar panels that integrate with concrete roof tiles on three homes in Edmonton. They still look fantastic and the solar panels are operating maintenance free as expected. Only one BIPV roofing product is lucky enough to be promoted by Elon Musk.

Tesla is doing an extraordinary job of bringing a product to the market that even my mom knows about. Hopefully, when people decide to purchase a BIPV roof they’ll choose between three or four suppliers and not just Tesla. Like they have been for the home energy storage, Tesla is great for the industry and are helping more people realize that solar power is amazing.