Alberta Solar Incentives

Tomorrow, February 27, 2017 the Government of Alberta (GOA) will roll out its highly anticipated incentive program for small solar power. When I committed myself to changing the world one solar panel at a time back in 2002, I knew this day was just around the corner…J

Actually, what I thought then and still think now is that photovoltaics (solar PV) is the most elegant and magical energy technology ever discovered. Its capabilities continually impress me and its transformative qualities constantly inspire me.

The details of the small solar PV program still need to be announced but the GOA has provided some clear indication that it will offer a rebate program similar to what it already has put in place for Alberta municipalities.

Alberta Municipal Solar Program

In January 2017, the Energy Efficiency Alberta (EEA) Panel released a report called Getting it Right. The EEA Panel advised that The Small Solar PV program could provide financial incentives to support the installation of solar photovoltaic systems on buildings, including homes, businesses, and community structures, under the Micro-Generation Regulation and A Small Solar PV program builds on programs already available today.

Will the Government of Alberta get it right? The good news is that they can’t go wrong.

In 2014, The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), surveyed all of the US state incentive programs available then and reported that any targeted incentives for solar are effective at driving a small solar PV market in a jurisdiction with a strong mandate for interconnection. Since 2008, when the Micro-Generation Regulation was established, Alberta has had a robust interconnection mandate. Since 2015, Alberta has also had a plan to green its grid and transition to renewables. We are all set. Now it is time to get to work.