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With Solar People, doing the right thing is simple, beautiful, and affordable.

Solar is intuitive, easy, and fun: you can feel your place in the world shift, even just a little bit, the first day you add power to the grid.  Work with what you already love about your property to make it better: more efficient, more attractive, and more valuable. It’s easier than ever to talk about the financial benefits of switching to solar.  Recognize this is a meaningful choice for you and your family, for your business or institution, for your citizens, for the future.

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The Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program has Launched.

Hooray! The rebate program from Energy Efficiency Alberta is available to households, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to encourage them to become Solar People. Join us. We would love to build you a beautiful solar power system that helps you add power back to the grid. The incentive levels are generous and reduce the upfront costs …

Is the TESLA roof going to be just a luxury product or eventually a mainstream energy solution?

There are potential solar home owners who would choose something more integrated into their roof instead of solar panels which I think are beautiful, especially the way Solar People install them. There are a lot of smart manufacturers in the world that are working on building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) they have been for years and …

Alberta’s Residential and Commercial Solar Program Overview

Copied Directly from the Government of Alberta’s public search for an Administrator to implement its Residential and Commercial Solar Program on behalf of Energy Efficiency Alberta, here is a detailed overview of Alberta’s Residential and Commercial Solar Program published February 27, 2017. “Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan includes a commitment to reinvest all revenue from the provincial carbon …

Looking for a New Power Provider?

You are free to purchase electricity and natural gas services from any retailer of your choice. Who you buy energy from does not impact the delivery or reliability of your energy services. What does change is which business you pay for your energy consumption and how much you pay.

Solar People always recommends Park Power.

  • Park Power pays a Micro-Generation Premium to Solar People for electricity they deliver back to the grid.
  • Park Power’s Ownership are Solar People. They have solar panels on their roof.
  • Park Power shares its profits with awesome non-profits.
  • Park Power’s Rates are Low, Low, Low and save Solar People money.

Signing Up to Park Power is easy.  Follow this link and Sign Up.



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